Father Lincoln's Reflections

October 4, 2023

It is hard to believe that we are starting the month of October this weekend. October is Respect Life month. Our Mass today on this first Sunday is dedicated to Respect Life issues. Jesus reached out to everyone in society, but had a very specific ministry to sinners and to the oppressed. This year’s theme of Respect Life month calls us to radical solidarity. We have been stressing unity and solidarity in our synodal process and in our pastoral reimagining process. Radical solidarity is more than a few sporadic acts of generosity. It calls us to a mindset and to a way of life. Radical solidarity calls us to get invoked by word and deed in people’s lives. It calls us to embrace human life, to touch the suffering flesh of Christ in others. It calls us as the Body of Christ to build a culture of life here in our society. Respect Life month draws us to these particular issues that are sometimes very complicated in our modern world. This month, let us all reflect upon how we are living out these values as a community, as a Diocese, and as individuals. Blessings to all of you – Father Lincoln.

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