Ushers are the first official representative of the church that people meet when they arrive.  The role of the usher is to offer a friendly and welcoming presence to those coming to worship. Ushers contribute to the feeling of hospitality for all who attend Mass at Holy Savior, whether they are long standing parishioners or visitors.

Responsibilities of Ushers:

  • Arrive early to greet worshipers.
  • Ensure all scheduled ushers are present, or find replacements.
  • Be aware of security issues.
  • Find different families to bring gifts to the altar.
  • Seat latecomers at the appropriate time during Mass.
  • Church offering collection.
  • Be aware of special needs parishioners during Communion.
  • Distribute church bulletins
  • After Mass, straighten up pews and pick up anything that may be left behind.
  • Turn off all lights and lock doors.

Please see Usher Guidelines for additional responsibilities.

Liturgical schedules are formed one to two months in advance.  Please refer to the schedule for your assigned days.  You are responsible for finding replacements.  Please contact the office for any scheduling needs.

Holy Savior is grateful for your generosity  and commitment to serving as an Usher.

For information of volunteering as an Usher, please call the Parish Office at 601-924-6344, or email at